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Pregnancy Services

Holistic Care for Pregnancy

I provide care for pregnant women who desire holistic guidance on optimizing their health during pregnancy. This includes hands-on treatments, recommendations of complimentary therapies and herbal treatments and meditation and visualization techniques to prepare your body and spirit to give birth.

“Thank you so much for your care on my pregnancy journey. You gave me such relief that was so greatly needed and gave me hope for making it to the end of the journey in a happy healthy place. You also helped restore my confidence in my ability to carry and deliver that beautiful baby! The care you extended was deeply felt, much needed and truly appreciated.”

T.C., Louisville

Arvigo Techniques for Mayan Abdominal Therapy for Pregnancy

Traditionally, Mayan midwives give abdominal massage as part of their routine care for pregnant women. ATMAT is very supportive of the physical changes experienced by women during their pregnancy. Abdominal Therapy can be safely received throughout pregnancy – as your uterus grows, the ligaments of the uterus stretch and pelvic floor muscles are put under greater tension. The techniques of ATMAT are altered depending on what is currently happening in your body to optimally align your uterus within your pelvic bowl and decrease tension and strain.  The bones of the lower back and pelvis are also aligned to insure good blood supply to the fetus, improved nerve supply to the uterus, proper fetal positioning for delivery and a more comfortable pregnancy and labor.

Regular monthly MAT treatments during pregnancy can help prevent or treat the following:

As part of your ATMAT treatment during pregnancy, you are taught how to do a special self-care massage which helps deepen your connection to your body and growing baby. The massage helps you to relax and empowers you to alleviate your symptoms and improve your uterine strength and resiliency with your own two hands.

  • Morning sickness

  • Heartburn

  • Constipation

  • Sciatica

  • Abnormally frequent urination

  • Ligament pain & discomfort

  • Pain while sitting

  • Low back pain

  • Varicose veins

  • Hemorrhoids

  • Breech presentation

Blessing The Doorway

Holistic Birth Preparation

Not only do women receiving ATMAT regularly throughout pregnancy have less of the discomforts common to pregnancy mentioned above, ATMAT practitioners have repeatedly found that their clients experience significantly shorter and easier labors. Midwifery-based practices that have integrated ATMAT into their care have reported positive differences in birth outcomes as evidenced by more efficient contractions and shorter labors.  The "Ready Set Go" protocol performed at or after 38 weeks helps encourage ideal alignment of the baby’s position and the mother’s pelvis improving the likelihood of an uncomplicated delivery. 

Blessing The Doorway is a journey done in your eighth month of pregnancy that you can take on your own or with loved ones or members of your birth team present. It combines gentle hands externally with meditation and visualization techniques to prepare your body and spirit to give birth. Together we create the space for deep presence, connection and ease, gently releasing any blocks that may arise. You can return to these meditations and newfound awareness as you approach labor or during labor as needed. This can be especially helpful when planning for a VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean) or when previous birth trauma is present.