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Birth Trauma Debrief

Do you need help unpacking your birth experience with an obstetrician who has a wise woman's perspective?


Did your birth turn into a cascade of medical interventions and you are not sure what happened?


Are you still ruminating on if your birth really needed to happen the way it did?


Are you scared to get pregnant again? 


Are you ready to heal and move forward?

Meet Dr. Cohen

I am a doctor and mother of nine children. My first birth was a planned home birth that ended up transferring to the hospital. Once there, I received the cascade of interventions that are typical in the hospital setting. The effects of my traumatic birth included difficulty establishing nursing, lack of sleep due to flashbacks of labor and delivery, and increased pain which forced me to crawl down the stairs because I was unable to walk. My supportive husband and co-workers were not equipped with the resources to recognize the trauma and give me the support I needed. I would weep while trimming the IV poles and medical equipment out of my birth photos. I felt isolated and too guilty to mention my grief to others because, after all, I had a healthy baby and I was a "healthy" mother. I developed PTSD and underwent therapy in order to help me heal but ultimately was left alone to figure it out on my own.

I understand the workings of the medical system because I worked in that system for many years. Medical protocols are mystifying to outsiders. One thing leads to the next and you were swept along for the ride. I left industrialized medical prenatal care and birth behind and returned to my authentic midwifery and wise woman roots. I will help you piece together what happened at your birth and answer your questions.

Telling your story in my safe space is your first step towards healing.

I am here for you.

I am ready to help you move forward.

Birth Trauma Debrief Session is for you if:

- You lay awake at night replaying the details of your birth over and over again

- You feel panicked or enraged when you drive by the hospital or your medical provider's office

- You blame yourself for the decisions you made leading up to your birth and dream of a "do-over"

-Everyone is telling you "healthy baby, happy mother" but you feel like something is wrong

- You feel spaced out or disassociated when you recall your birth and there are some parts that are hard to piece together 


Why Birth Trauma Matters

At least one-third of women feel some part of their birth was traumatic. This can affect their relationship with their baby, intimacy with their partner, and plans for more children. It can also cause anxiety about further interactions with the medical system.


It comes as a surprise to most women that standard maternity care does not reflect best scientific evidence and does not afford them the conditions needed for safe and easy births. They trust a broken system that sabotages uninterrupted physiologic birth and leaves the woman feeling guilty, assuming that her body was broken or unable to perform. This feeling of inadequacy goes on to influence her breastfeeding and mothering experiences.


Many women do not get the support they need following their traumatic births and receive a  misdiagnosis of postnatal depression. Some have a story that does not seem traumatic to others but is continuing to profoundly affect them. You have a right to respect, dignity, and to have your story heard.

Blue Water

"One of the things which many people find, which isn't evidence-based but felt in our very bones, is that being heard is the most transformative experience of all"
                                                                   - Emma Svanberg

Our Session Together Includes:

* The time to deeply listen to every aspect of your story including your prenatal care and beliefs leading up to the birth and how your birth has affected who you are today 


*Help to piece together the steps that led to your birth, fill in any missing gaps and understand why it happened the way it did

* If desired, review of your prenatal and birth records


* Emotional and spiritual support including working through fear surrounding future pregnancy and birth

* Teaching about the birth energy flow that occurs in uninterrupted birth and how that flow can be restored even after a disruption has occurred.

Two 1 hour Sessions/ $480

Zoom or

In Person in my Louisville, Kentucky office

In-Person sessions include:

* Body/Energy work tailored to your needs which may include:

~ Holistic Pelvic Care™ restores balance within the pelvic bowl to release patterns of trauma that persist after difficult birth experiences. It is a gentle yet powerful therapy that can help women even many years after a challenging birth, to help resolve trauma that is still held in the body.

~ Mayan Abdominal Therapy and Holistic Treatment of the Postpartum Body techniques release lingering birthing patterns in the bones and ligaments. This helps to improve function, close up the pelvic bones after birth, improve activation of the pelvic floor muscles and realign pelvic organs.

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