Holistic Pregnancy Counseling

Have any of these happened to you?

- You were sent for prenatal testing - the results came back abnormal and now you are scared that something is wrong with your baby?

- You have been labeled "high risk" and now you feel trapped in a web of ongoing appointments, procedures, tests and interventions?

- You had an ultrasound and which found something out of the ordinary and now you have been asked to return for more ultrasounds and further testing?

- Are you scared because you have been labeled "high risk" and now you feel backed into a corner?

- You have been told that you will likely need to be induced or have a cesearan section when you were hoping to have a natural birth?

Meet Dr. Cohen

I am a mother of nine children and have personally experienced: a planned home birth which transferred to the hospital, a planned hospital birth that happened quickly and spontaneously at home, gentle home births with support from a traditional midwife and a planned hospital birth due to a pregnancy complication. My varied birth experiences have gifted me first hand intimate knowledge of what it feels like to be bound by the constraints of the medical industrialized birth model as well how it feels to birth sovereignly in your power.

I understand the workings of the medical system because I worked in that system for many years. Medical protocols are mystifing to outsiders. One thing leads to the next and you are swept along for the ride.  I left industrialized medical prenatal care and birth behind and returned to my authentic midwifery and wise woman roots.

I am the missing piece to help you understand what is happening with your body and your baby.

Holistic Pregnancy Counseling Includes:

 1 hour Session/ $245

Zoom or In Person in the Louisville, Ky area

In-Person sessions include:

* Bodywork comprised of one or more of the following: Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy®, Holistic Pelvic Care and Craniosacral therapy

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