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Blessing the Doorway

- Is your birthing time nearing but you still find yourself plagued with fears and doubts, wondering if it will all be okay?

- Are you unsure whom to invite to your birth and struggle with obligations versus your own needs?


- Would it be helpful to have someone orchestrate a shared picture of how best to support you during your labor and birth?

- Do you long to be fully supported as you prepare for birth?

Why take this journey? 

Blessing The Doorway is done in your eighth or ninth month of pregnancy. The sessions can be on your own and with loved ones or members of your birth team present. Together we create the space for deep presence, connection and ease, gently releasing any blocks that may arise. This can be especially helpful when planning for a VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean) or when previous birth trauma is present.

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Our Sacred Journey together includes:
Session 1

Session 1 is for the birthing woman alone or for the mother and her partner. We will explore what you are carrying forward into this experience, what fears and obstacles may lie ahead, what is needed to overcome them, and how to cultivate the support you need and receive the energy and inspiration needed for your birthing time.

I will teach you about the hormonal blueprint of physiologic undisturbed birth that is a blessing for you and the birthright of your baby.

We will discuss your plans for whom you plan to invite to your birth and the importance of  having a whole-bodied "YES!!!"


I offer meditation and visualization techniques to prepare your body and open the spirit door within you to welcome your baby. You can return to these meditations and newfound awareness as you approach labor or during labor as needed.

Gratitude to Tami Lynn Kent for teaching me how to walk with women through this process. Her book Mothering From Your Center is available for a deeper dive into reclaiming the energetic center of a woman's body and harnessing the profound medicine it contains for all aspects of your mothering and living creatively.

Session 2

Session 2 continues to explore the seeds planted in Session 1. If desired, the entire birth team is invited to help prepare and understand what each person's roles are (and are not) and learn how to be in fullest service to the mother during her birth.

Any concerns or fears from the birth team members can be explored at this time so that when the mother is in labor the focus can remain on her and her needs.


I have given birth five times and attended hundreds of births both in and out of the hospital. This unique perspective and experience allow me to address concerns and answer questions that may arise. 

I explain to family members and friends the benefits of physiologic birth and why as a member of your birth team it is so important to modulate their energy and hold the birth space sacred in order to protect and honor you and your baby's cherished time.

Blessing the Doorway

Two 1 hour sessions/  $440

Zoom or In-Office in the Louisville, Kentucky area

In-Person sessions include:

* Gentle hands externally with meditation and visualization techniques to prepare your body and spirit to give birth. 

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