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Full Circle Holistic

A Women's Healthcare Practice


 Rebecca Cohen, MD

I am an obstetrician, wise woman, and mother with almost 30 years of experience in women's healthcare.

I combine knowledge gained from allopathic medical training with wisdom from years of study of herbal medicine, traditional healing practices, and physical and energetic modalities. 


My mission is to orient women to their inner knowing as they thrive in their sovereignty and remember that they are not broken.


"Rebecca is a gifted and intuitive healer whose expertise in the physical and energetic domains of the female body, combined with her vast knowledge of herbal allies, allows her to guide women to experience empowered embodiment through the reclamation of their womb wisdom."                       
                               - Amy Bammel Wilding, author of Wild and Wise

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Pregnancy Services

I provide care for pregnant women who desire holistic guidance on optimizing their health during pregnancy.


Postpartum Care

Utilizing deep understanding of the physiologic and psychologic needs of postpartum women, I offer mother-centered postpartum care for family wellness.



Full Circle Apothecary is a small-batch local apothecary that stocks handcrafted herbal medicines.

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Holistic Women's Healthcare

I offer gentle integrative healing practices to help restore physical and energetic balance in order to assist with pelvic floor prolapse and pelvic pain.

When you remember your natural self, that part of you that has remained intact in your core regardless of what you have experienced, you can call yourself back home.


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