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Full Circle Holistic

A Women's Healthcare Practice



Full Circle Holistic uses techniques both ancient and ground-breaking to create a new paradigm for woman’s wellness.

Dr. Rebecca Cohen, MD, offers a unique blend of her knowledge as an allopathic physician with training in herbal, physical and energetic modalities.

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Pregnancy Services

I provide care for pregnant women who already have an OB/GYN or midwife as their primary provider but desire holistic guidance on optimizing their health during pregnancy. This includes hands-on treatments, recommendations of complimentary therapies and herbal treatments as needed and meditation and visualization techniques to prepare your body and spirit to give birth.

Postpartum Care

Giving birth is a profound and deeply moving time in a women’s life and affects change in all realms -physical, emotional, energetic and spiritual. Caring for your own well-being is essential to replenish your energy in order to care for your growing family.

I offer nurturing care in the comfort of your own home starting from the first 3 days following the birth of your child allowing you to protect and honor the sanctity of your postpartum bond while receiving the nurturing care you deserve. In-office treatments can be resumed 2-6 weeks after birth.

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Holistic Women's Healthcare

I offer gentle integrative healing practices for women to help restore physical and energetic balance in order to assist with pelvic floor prolapse and pelvic pain.

My priority is teaching prevention and self-care tools to help empower women to take control of their health. I work in partnership with my patients to develop individualized programs to address their needs and bring long-lasting changes.


Full Circle Apothecary is a small-batch local apothecary that stocks handcrafted herbal medicines. I am a folk-herbalist, gardener and forager and create my formulations with women's health and wellness in mind. Combining sacred wisdom, emerging science and a little bit of magic..... see what we have in store for you!


When you remember your natural self, that part of you that has remained intact in your core regardless of what you have experienced, you can call yourself back home



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